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Information about our home study/online trainings

  • You will be asked to read through the PowerPoint training guide, read articles/readings, watch video clips, and complete experiential activities.
  • You will need internet access.
  • It’s expected that you will complete all the exercises and not skip over any parts of the trainings. Many of the exercises are referenced on the post exam at the end of the trainings.
  • CE Hr approvals for trainings may vary, please be sure to read individual training information for details.
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To learn more about the AutPlay Therapy Certification Program and how to become a Certified AutPlay Therapy Provider, read the PDF guide here.

Home-Study Trainings

Register now for these home-study/online trainings.

Playrooms in Motion: Movement Interventions in Play Therapy


This webinar explores movement-based play therapy interventions. Various interventions will be explained and demonstrated with discussion of targeted therapy issues/goals and alignment with play therapy theory and/or approaches.

AutPlay Therapy Interventions for Telehealth


This webinar will focus on several AutPlay Therapy interventions that can be implemented via telehealth or in person. The interventions will focus on needs of social navigation, emotional regulation, and relationship development, connection, and engagement.

Autism and Trauma: AutPlay® Therapy and Beyond


This training will explore the unique manifestations of trauma in autistic children. How to use AutPlay Therapy to address trauma issues & how to integrate & adapt other established trauma protocols and approaches for autistic children will also be covered.

Play Therapy Theories are So Playful: A Look at Play Therapy Theories


This is a self-paced online/home study training that focuses on the Association for Play Therapy’s ten seminal and historically significant play therapy theories.

Family Play Therapy: Approaches and Interventions


This training focuses on the process and implementation of conducting play therapy with families. Therapists will gain information on how to work with families utilizing play therapy interventions and processes from a general perspective.

Using Sandtrays with Autistic Children and Adolescents.


This training explores how to use traditional Sandtray Therapy methodology and unconventional methods to help autistic children with need areas related to connection and engagement, regulation and sensory processing, and social navigation.

Autism in Play Therapy


Three autism and play therapy trainings in one bundle. Complete the AutPlay Certification, Play Based Interventions for Autistic Children, and The Autism Friendly Play Therapist trainings all in this bundle package.

AutPlay Therapy Training


This is a non-contact online/home study training for mental health professionals to learn the AutPlay® Therapy approach. Participants must complete this training to become a Certified AutPlay® Therapy Provider.

The Autism-Friendly Play Therapist


This training focuses on helping play therapists and other mental health professionals understand what autism is and how to interact with serve autistic children.

Using Board Games in Play Therapy


This training focuses on using board games (traditional, therapeutic, therapist created, and tablet games) in play therapy. Typical uses, special considerations, and skill gains related to using board games in play therapy will be covered.

Using Play Therapy with Adult Clients


This training introduces participants to using play therapy with adult clients. Identified benefits of using play therapy with adults will be presented.

A Look at a Book: Integrating Play Therapy and Bibliotherapy


This training covers the integration of play therapy and bibliotherapy. Considerations for incorporating bibliotherapy and play therapy are presented along with therapeutic play therapy goals with bibliotherapy.

Play Therapy Supervision: Addressing Parent and Caregiver Issues


This training focuses on addressing challenges and issues in working with parents and caregivers in play therapy. This training is designed to provide a training program that supervisors can share with their supervisees during supervision meetings.

Using Play Therapy to Address Sensory Processing Challenges


This training explores using play therapy approaches and interventions to address sensory processing challenges. An overview of sensory processing challenges will be covered along with descriptors of the eight sensory processing areas.

Play Therapy Interventions for Autistic and other Neurodivergent Children.


This training focuses on understanding and implementing play therapy theories, approaches, and interventions with autistic and neurodivergent children and their families. 

AutPlay Therapy Certification Training for Non-Mental Health Professionals


This is a non-contact online/home study training for non-mental health professionals to learn the AutPlay® Therapy approach. Participants completing this training will be granted Certified AutPlay® Therapy Provider status.

Creative Play Therapy Interventions in the Supervision Process


Creative Play Therapy Interventions in the Supervision Process provides an overview of clinical supervision and play therapy supervision. The pragmatics of supervision are covered including forms and inventories to use in supervision.

Play Therapy Theories: A Basic Overview


This one-hour recorded webinar identifies the 10 seminal and historically significant play therapy theories identified by the Association for Play Therapy (APT). The similarities and differences of theories will be discussed as well as the difference between a play therapy theory and a play-based approach.

Using Story Methods in Play Therapy: An Integrative Approach


This training focuses on learning about and integrating into play therapy, 6 different story-based methods used with autistic and neurodivergent children. Bibliotherapy, Social Stories, Social Scripts, Comic Strip Conversations, PrepChats, and ChoicesChats will be described and explored.

Understanding Ableism and Neurodiversity in Play Therapy


This 1.5 hour recorded webinar explores the concepts of ableism and neurodiversity within a play therapy framework. The concepts are described with attention given to how ableism may manifest in play therapy work and how to support neurodiversity.

Neurodiversity Affirming Play Therapy


This recorded webinar explores the concepts and philosophy of being neurodiversity affirming within a play therapy framework. The term neurodiversity is examined along with neurodiversity principles. How play therapy theories can be neurodiversity affirming is covered along with creating neurodiversity affirming playrooms and implementing neurodiversity affirming play therapy techniques and interventions.

AutPlay Play and Social Groups


This training is an 8-hour self-paced home study training focused on learning the AutPlay® Therapy Play and Social Groups model. A PDF PowerPoint is provided to follow as a guide for completing this training. There is a post exam at the end of the training. You will need access to the internet to complete this training and you will be asked to read the required book reading, watch video clips, read additional materials, and complete experiential activities.

Integrating Apps in Play Therapy: Working with Autistic and Neurodivergent Children.


This recorded webinar will focus on how, why, and when to use apps along with specific benefits when working with neurodivergent clients. Several apps will be discussed and explored related to addressing needs such as sensory challenges, regulation, relaxation, social navigation, creative expression, and emotion identification. 

Social Navigation Needs and Play Therapy


This recorded webinar focuses on helping neurotypical and neurodivergent children address social navigation needs. Addressing needs through a neurodiversity affirming process and using a strengths-based approach will be covered. How play therapy theoreis can validate affirming and strengths-based principles will be discussed. Tools (including play therapy interventions) for assessing and identifying strengths will be highlighted and several interventions/approaches for helping with social navigation needs will be explored.

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