Playful Healing: Therapeutic retreat workshop for play therapists processing overwhelm, burnout, grief, and loss (Live Webinar)

Instructors: Dr. Robert Jason Grant and (Fatima) Natascha Lawrence
PDF Flier: Playful Healing Retreat Workshop
Date: December 2nd and 3rd, 2022 (9am-1pm PST), (11am-3pm CST), (12pm-4pm EST)
CE Hrs: (8 Live Webinar APT Approved Provider #12-318), (8 Contact Certified Training Partner for IBCCES CE159432), (8 Contact NBCC provider ACEP #6595)
Cost: $250
Registration: (Workshop is limited to 20 participants)

Description: Over the last few years, play therapists have supported children, youth, and their families while also navigating a global pandemic, dramatic changes in the way that we do the work, upheaval in social systems, climate crises, changing and deepening political divides. This two-day digital retreat workshop for play therapists will focus on taking the time to focus healing energy on ourselves. Creating a safe place to process where we are in our careers, how we want to be as play therapists in and out of the playroom, and take the time to heal overwhelm, burnout, grief, and loss. Elements of the webinar will be highly interactive and supportive with opportunities for participants to collaborate and debrief in dyad and small group environments. Ample time will be allotted for processing breaks with respect for the limitations and stamina required for a digital environment.

Learning Objectives:
1)Demonstrate attuning to their current needs, exploring their personal and professional play therapy experiences over the last few years including current case load expectations, burnout , and overwhelmed states.
2)Identify and navigate experiences within the play therapy process of oppression, moral injury, vicarious trauma, and self care versus community care.
3)Identify physical, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual needs and reflect on whether these are being met, while dealing with demands, challenges, and the long-term side effects of being a play therapist.
4)Conceptualize focus and strategy for self healing through a play processes.
5)Discuss the use of imagery, metaphors, visualizations, somatic exploration through play therapy for self healing.
6)Discuss the use of sand tray, art, and other expressive play therapy modalities for self healing.
7) Implement several play therapy approaches for continued self healing processes.
8) Conceptualize sustainable methods for navigating burnout, grief, and loss experiences in play therapy work.

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