AutPlay Therapy and Play Therapy Supervision

Going beyond the AutPlay Certification Training can be vital for fine tuning skills and staying updated and purposeful when working with clients. For those who have completed an AutPlay Therapy Certification training, we provide follow up supervision services. AutPlay supervision can be offered individually or in group format. Post training supervision is not required but highly encouraged especially for those who are students and/or new to working with neurodivergent clients. Supervision services can be tailored to focus on the professional’s specific situation and the number of supervision meetings needed. Those who would most benefit from supervision services include:

  • Professionals and/or students new to working with neurodivergent children and families
  • Professionals with less experience integrating methods
  • Professional with limited experience with directive play therapy approaches
  • Professional will limited experience working with children with higher needs
  • Those wishing to discuss specific cases or clients for therapy planning purposes
  • Those who are struggling with understanding how to implementing the AutPlay protocol
  • Those who wish to deepen their level of skill through a supervision process

AutPlay supervision provides the ability to engage at a more individualized and deeper level of learning and processing that cannot always be achieved in a training. Clarity on process, guidance through implementation, and ongoing case discussion and conceptualization can take place through supervision which strengthens the professional’s ability and success with their clients.

NOTE: AutPlay Supervision can also be done in conjunction with Play Therapy supervision. A certificate of completion is provided for supervision hours.

Play Therapy Supervision (RPT Credential)
Interested in Becoming a Registered Play Therapist (RPT) or a School Based-Registered Play Therapist (SB-RPT)?  

APT requires 35 hours of supervision for the RPT credential supervised by an RPT-S. Of those 35, a maximum of 10 hours of group supervision is allowed with the remaining 25 hours to be completed in individual supervision. More information can be found here in the APT Credentialing Standards form. 
APT requires 50 hours of supervision from an RPT-S for the SB-RPT credential. A maximum of 25 of those hours can be completed in group supervision with the remaining 25 hours to be completed in individual supervision.

Individual supervision available
in person, by phone, or video platform

General Supervision fee

Individual Supervision – $85 (one hour)
Bundle Package (8 meetings) of Individual Supervision – $625
Please email us at or call 417-755-9042 with the type of supervision experience you are seeking, we will then contact you to schedule your supervision time with one of our AutPlay Therapy trainers/consultants.

AutPlay Therapy Certification Supervision/Consultation

This is only for those who are in the final step of completing the AutPlay Therapy Certification Program. Secure the three hours required to complete the AutPlay Therapy Certification Program. Once you have purchased your supervision/consultation, a list of AutPlay Therapy supervisors/consultants will be emailed to you. You can contact the supervisor/consultant of your choice to complete your supervision/consultation requirement.

Individual Supervision $300
Individual Supervision/Consultation: $300 (3 one-hour meetings).

Group Supervision $100
Group Supervision/Consultation: $100 per person (3 one-hour meetings), minimum of 5 people and maximum of 7 people per group. We do not guarantee a group placement but we can assist you in connecting with a group.