AutPlay Therapy Consultation

An AutPlay consultation meeting provides opportunity for those who have not completed an AutPlay Therapy Certification training the ability to consult about the AutPlay Therapy approach, ask questions, and gain better incite and understating. Further, those who have completed the certification training can access consultation services to further develop their certification. Consultation services would be appropriate for the following:

  • Parents
  • Professionals who have questions and want to learn more about AutPlay Therapy
  • Professional who would like to discuss working therapeutically with neurodivergent children.
  • Professionals who have completed the certification training and would like to learn more about enchaining their certification, advancing their awareness in neurodiversity affirming practices, conducting research, or other business/educational related questions about AutPlay.

Certificates of completion are not provided for consultation services.

Individual and group consultation available

  • Individual – in person, by phone, or video platform
  • Group – in person, by phone, or video platform

Consultation fee

One Hour Individual Consultation – $85
Half Hour Individual Consultation – $45
One Hour Group Consultation – $30 per person (must be a minimum of 3 and maximum of 10 participants)
Bundle Package (8 meetings) of Individual Consultation – $625

Please email us at or call 417-755-9042 with the type of consultation experience you are seeking, we will then contact you to schedule your supervision time with one of our AutPlay Therapy trainers/consultants – Dr. Robert Jason Grant, Dr. Patricia Gilbaugh, Tracy Turner-Bumberry, Dr. Susan Elswick, Michelle Schofield, and Canace Yee.