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AutPlay Therapy is a training and educational program to help mental health professionals learn about, work with, and support Neurodivergent children through a neurodiversity affirming understanding. Parents play a significant role in their Neurodivergent child’s navigation and growth. You are the primary attachment figure, the everyday caregiver, and the main person who teaches, guides, nurtures, and models for your child. To help you better understand your Neurodivergent child and neurodiversity affirming concepts, we have created a Parent’s Resource Guide. Please print off this guide and access the relevant resources to further your knowledge and understanding.

Neurodiversity Understood for Parents by Dr. Robert Jason Grant.

Connect with a Certified AutPlay Therapy Provider

Parents can know that Certified AutPlay Therapy Providers have participated in specific training focused on understanding how to implement play therapy approaches through a neurodiversity affirming lens. View the Find an AutPlay Provider page to find a provider closest to your community.

Participate in a Consultation Session

Sometimes parents have a few questions or simply need some “next step” guidance, sometimes parents want more formal information about relational parenting, play therapy, or neurodiversity. We offer consultation sessions for parents. Consultations can be provided in person, by phone, or video conference. No matter where you live, you can participate in a consultation. Typical consultation services include understanding dysregulated behavior, AutPlay at home, and understanding autism. Visit the Consultation Services page for more information or email us at info@autplaytherapy.com.

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