AutPlay Therapy provides a list of professionals who have completed requirements for certification. Certified AutPlay Therapy Providers have demonstrated a thorough knowledge in the AutPlay Therapy framework by completing all training, reading, and testing elements to fulfill certification status.

Certified AutPlay Therapy Providers

Robert Jason Grant Ed.D and the AutPlay Therapy Clinic do not serve as a governing or regulatory body for those who have completed the requirements to be a Certified AutPlay Therapy Provider. Robert Jason Grant Ed.D and AutPlay Therapy maintain and oversee trainings and materials that meet the standard to achieve certification and can verify that a professional has successfully met the requirements for certification.

Having a certification as an AutPlay Therapy Provider and being listed in this provider directory does not indicate that a person’s current professional status is accurate, nor does it communicate that someone is fully knowledgeable in play therapy or neurodiversity affirming work. Those seeking a professional should be diligent in interviewing the professional to assess for best fit. They following interview questions are provided as a guide:

1) What are your credentials training, and expedience and what type of services do you provide?
2) What type of play therapy do you offer and what are your credentials/training for providing play therapy?
3) What is your experience working with Autistic/Neurodivergent children and their families?
4) Can you describe the types of issues you have worked on with Neurodivergent children?
5) How might the play therapy you offer benefit my Autistic/Neurodivergent child?
6) What would a typical play therapy session look like and how would you involve the parent and/or family members?
7) What are some possible mental health needs and typical therapy goals when working with Neurodivergent children?
8) How would you conceptualize neurodiversity and describe a neurodiversity affirming approach?

The directory provides a list of professionals who have completed the AutPlay Therapy Certification Program. Mental health professionals and Registered Play Therapists are identified in their contact information. Find a Certified AutPlay Therapy Provider in your area by clicking on a state listed below or view the international provider list. To inquire about becoming a Certified AutPlay Therapy Provider, view the Information for Professionals page or email us at

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International providers

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