AutPlay Therapy has proven to be a successful approach to improving the lives of families navigating mental health needs of those with autism, who are neurodivergent, and who have a physical or developmental disability. Here are some endorsements from professionals and parents.

Autism is a tricky and complex disorder to treat, but the AutPlay Therapy training broke down the main goals and components in a way that makes me feel more confident and knowledgeable. Because of this program, my passion to work with this population has been reinvigorated and now I have the skills to pursue this passion. Dr. Grant’s creativity and personality makes him a perfect instructor and clinician.

Christine Stephenson

MFT graduate student

The AutPlay therapy training was incredible. This will certainly increase my effectiveness working with my clients with ASD. Can’t wait for the AutPlay conference!

Andrew Bennett, LCMFT

Dr. Grant gave a wonderful training. He is very knowledgeable about the autism community!  The interventions he taught are practical and easy to teach.  I love the idea of being able to teach parents the techniques and keeping them involved.

Erika Walker, LMSW

What a great training! Packed with information and techniques for kids with autism and neurodevelopmental disorders. Dr. Grant has lots of wisdom and experience to share. I would highly recommend this training to parents and colleagues. Thank you!

Val Miraglia, LPA, RPT-S

Dr. Grant provides a learning environment that is both educational and fun. Techniques can be taken from the seminar straight to the counseling office. Dr. Grant is one of the best trainers I have met in my 20 years of attending seminars.

Kathy Ray, LPL-S, RPT-S

I felt the materials were informative, easy to use, and give a diverse amount of interventions to be applied during session.

Sue Ann Rybarczyk, LPC

As a parent of a child with autism, Dr. Grant “spoke my language,” so to speak. I wish I had this type of training when I first learned that my child has autism. The techniques/strategies Dr. Grant taught truly target the core areas of struggle for individuals with autism.

Debra Hibbard

Registered Psychotherapist

AutPlay Therapy training was a wonderful and very informative training with great interventions presented in an easy to implement fashion. Extremely helpful!

Christy Howard, LCSW, RPT-S

AutPlay Therapy provides a comprehensive treatment approach and protocols for working with individuals on the Autism Spectrum. Dr. Grant has been an amazing instructor in teaching this approach and allows for quick implementation of the approach in the therapy room.

Kelli Switzer, LISW, C/RPT-S

This is a quality training program. The training was engaging and I feel competent to treat ASD clients in therapy.

Angela Metcalf, LPC

Dr. Grant’s AutPlay training was insightful, full of beneficial interventions and information to take straight to the office and into practice. I waited for years to take this training and am so excited to begin implementing the engaging, creative, evidence-based techniques and skills to use. Thanks for your research, dedication, and love for autism, and sharing it with other professionals!

Tara Yarbrough, LPC

The AutPlay Therapy certification training was incredible. Dr. Grant is an expert in this field and I feel lucky to have had this chance to learn from him. Anyone who works with autism should take this course.

Christina Salomon, MA, CHt

AutPlay Therapy certification training is exceptional. Comprehensive, hands-on training that you can immediately implement in the professional setting as well as the home. Ideal for anyone who works with children on the spectrum and other special needs children/adolescents.

Cyndi Campbell, MA

I have had play therapy training, however still felt ill-equipped to do great work with this specific population. I now feel like I have the skills to help these individuals. Thank you!

Aenea Harbes, LMFT

The AutPlay certification has proven to be invaluable in increasing my knowledge, skills, and awareness of working with children and adolescents with autism and developmental disabilities. Reading the handbook serviced as a wonderful foudnation, but the certification training allowed me to truly feel competent in executing the AutPlay methodology. I highly recommend that any individual, regardless of prior experience, go through this certification. It pays for intself in the time it takes to complete the course.

Camielle Famous, LPC

I have been practicing for 24 years now and this represents a marriage of two worlds that i have held near and dear, Autism and Play Therapy. It is good to seek a play therapy fine-tune for autism clients. The information was presented in an interesting manner that holds interest. I have always held that experiential methods like play therapy can connect with all people from all backgrounds moreso that talk therapies.

James Sommer, LCP

I feel competent and capable of working successfully with children who have neurodevelopmental impairments after completing the training.

Teresa Weeke, LPC

I was excited about all the new skills I was taught by Dr. Grant. I learned several new techniques and interventions to use with my autistic chldren. I will utitlize Dr. Grant’s handbooks and social skills game with my clients.

Elizabeth Taylor, LPC

The training was highly interactive and fast-paced. I left feeling equipped to start implementing new interventions with clients right away. The whole experience was very practical and engaging. Dare I say “fun?”

Audrey Wheeler, LMHC

AutPlay Therapy training has been truly informative and eye-opening. I like the hands-on experiences with listed activities to help clients to improve on the four components of AutPlay, which are emotional regulation ability, social skills development, connection, and parent training. Keep learning and keep playing!

Ivy Le, LPC

The training was instructional and informational from beginning to end. Dr. Grant and his materials were organized and easy to follow. I left training empowered to proceed in AutPlay therapy.

Mary Morgan, LMFT, RPT

After going through this training, I feel much more equipped to serve children with neurodevelopmental disorders. Dr. Grant presented the materials in a straightforward way that helped me to retain the information and treatment protocol easily.

Catherine Richardson, LPC

The AutPlay therapy training was very informative. Hands-on interventions to use in my school practice of work with K-5 elementary students. I am excited to try new concepts next school year, from the play-based intervention books.

Vicky Bonilla, LSCSW

I’ve attended trainings conducted by Dr. Grant previously so I knew he would provide up-to-date, useful information. His presentation style facilitates learning the information in a comfortable environment.

Christine Campbell, LMSW

I am leaving with so many interventions to try! I am excited to learn more by reading the book and practicing these techniques.

Ann Pelt, LMSW

This was a great training! I left with a ton of interventions that can be utilized throughout all age levels and developmental states. Thank you.

Kathleen Walton Criscione, LCSW, RPT

Dr. Grant was a fantastic presenter–very easy to listen to, very knowledgeable and lots of great ideas. Thank you so much for coming to Cedar Rapids! Cannot wait to take and introduce AutPlay to the families that we serve.

Katie Zalesky, LMFT

The atmosphere of the training was fun and enjoyable. Dr. Grant was thoughtful and thorough in his teaching and responses.

Bekah Andrews, LMFT(t)

Being from a Marriage & Family background, I really enjoyed the focus on involvement of family and caregivers. Appreciate directive black and white interventions that I can feel very confident in applying to develop specific skills. Nice tools, planning, and application.

Jessica Pladsen, TLMFT

Dr. Grant did an amazing job presenting a wealth of information from several different perspectives. It was great to have the hands-on teaching of the skills and resources as well!

Angela Martin, LISW

This training provided me with so many great evidence-based practices to go back and use with my clients. It gave me additional confidence to work with this population.

Angela Porath, MS, LMHC

This training provided me with so many great evidence-based practices to go back and use with my clients. It gave me additional confidence to work with this population.

Angela Porath, MS, LMHC

Great training! Dr. Grant is a very enthusiastic speaker and loves what he’s doing!

Phuong Nguyen, LMHCT

This training was a good combination of research, instruction, small and large group activities that catered to various learning styles. It also provided general, specific, and transferable interventions for a whole spectrum of clients

Emily Clifton, LISW

This training was very educational and I will definitely use this protocol.

Denise Greene, LCSW, RPT-S

I really enjoyed the real world applications with clients.

Abby Sullivan, LMSW

What a great training! I feel much more confident in my ability to effectively work with clients with autism and other developmental disabilities.

Jennifer Ungs, LMSW

Dr. Grant’s AutPlay Therapy training is extremely helpful in guiding my practice not only with clients with autism but also those with ADHD. I left feeling educated, well-equipped, re-energized, and skilled to diagnose and treat this population.

Lindsey Redd, LISW

AutPlay training did a fantastic job of integrating multiple disciplines into a complete protocol for helping children and families with autism. It takes a scientific, evidence based approach and really helped me to expand my thinking beyond applied behavioral analysis.

Katherine Petefish, LMSW, BCBA

Dr. Grant is a great enthusiastic presenter. He truly has a passion for the population and teaching others how to help others. Thanks to him, I can help so many individuals to become more comfortable in their everyday lives.

Thea Curtin, LMHC

Very valuable training–finally treatment method and training that addresses autism and that applies play therapy and behavioral therapy. So informative and needed.

Stacie Mitchell, LMHC, RPT-S

The AutPlay Certification Training was very helpful and useful in learning and implementing play therapy techniques with children and adolescents on the Autism Spectrum. Thanks for all the useful information and interventions!

Stephanie Eslick, LMFT-T

Dr. Grant was very informative. He provided many useful interventions! I really enjoyed his training and presentation.

Amber Bennett, LMHC-T

Dr. Grant is an amazing advocate for the autism community. The interventions and instruction given during the training (and in his books) are easy to integrate and highly useful when working with such a special population. Everything I learned during the AutPlay training will be invaluable for my clients.

Sarah Newcomer, MSMFT Student

Extremely fun and informative class! Dr. Grant teaches interesting and effective techniques. This course is a must for any professional or clinician who works with Autism Spectrum Disorders!

Michael A. Berry, MS, LMFT

AutPlay® Certification Training provided lots of valuable information! The materials and PowerPoint are very well done and will be a great reference for the future.

Karla Hartlep, MFT Student

The AutPlay® Therapy Certification Training broke down the main goals and components in a way that makes me feel more confident and knowledgeable. This training has reinvigorated my passion to work with the ASD population and now I have the skills to pursue this passion.

Christyne Stephenson

Graduate Student in MFT

The AutPlay® Therapy Certification Training was incredible. This will certainly increase my effectiveness working with my clients with ASD.

Andrew Bennett, LCMFT

Dr. Grant is very knowledgeable about the autism community! The interventions are practical and easy to teach. I love the idea of being able to teach parents the techniques and keep them involved in the process.

Erika Walker, LMSW

What a great training! It is packed with information and techniques for kids with autism and neurodevelopmental disorders. I would highly recommend this training to parents and colleagues. Thank you!

Val Miraglia, LPA, RPT-S

Certified Filial Therapist

The techniques from the AutPlay® Certification Training can be taken straight to the counselor office setting. The learning environment of the training is both educational and fun.

Kathy Ray, LPC-S, RPT-S

AutPlay® Certification Training was informative, easy to use, and gave a diverse amount of interventions to be applied during client sessions.

Sue Ann Rybarczyk, LPC

AutPlay® Therapy Certification Training exceeded my personal and professional expectations. It was abundantly informative and interactive. The hands-on aspect allowed for a relaxed yet professional and educational atmosphere.

Amberly Nichols, MA, CRC

As a parent of a child with autism, Dr. Grant ‘spoke my language.’ I wish I had this type of training when I first learned that my child had autism. The techniques and strategies taught truly target the core areas that individuals with autism struggle with.

Debra Hibbard

Registered Psychotherapist

After going through the AutPlay® Certification Training I now feel more equipped to better assist the kids I work with who have a diagnosis of autism or other developmental disorder in an effectively ‘funtastic’ way.

Katie Brammer, MS, PLPC

This is a quality training program; it was engaging and I now feel competent to treat ASD clients in therapy.

Angela Metcalf, MA, LPC

Dr. Grant you have such a gift with helping children and parents. I totally enjoyed this training.

Maria Isabel Ramos, MA, LMFT-T

Very good training! Fun and educational!

Kassie Taylor, LMFT-T

I have been looking for a therapy model that I identify with for quite some time. A colleague had one of Dr. Grant’s books and as soon as I started looking into AutPlay® I knew that it fit with my style of working with kids. I am so excited to have had the opportunity to become a Certified AutPlay® provider! I know the training will greatly impact my practice in positive ways!

Mary Plouff, LPC, NCC

The AutPlay® Therapy Certification Training was a great two days that were filled with important information and fantastic playful interventions. Even having prior knowledge of, and experience working with clients with ASD or other neurological developmental disorders, I left this training feeling like I had learned a lot and that I could start using this model right away. Definitely worth the cost!

Greg Barden, MSW, APSW

AutPlay® is a fantastic way to adapt play therapy techniques specifically to clients with ASD. It creates opportunities to meet ASD clients on their level and in their world, and draw them into a place where they can adaptively function with others. AutPlay® not only targets ASD, but other neurodevelopmental disorders and developmental disabilities.

Rebecca Spies, TLMHC

I have been referring to all three AutPlay® books for the past year and have seen first hand great improvements for my clients with ASD, development delays, and sensory processing problems. However, attending the training for AutPlay® was an invaluable experience as it has added depth to my understanding of AutPlay® and ASD that I know will improve my practices and success.

Marcey Smith, TLMHC, NBCC

Professionally, AutPlay® has allowed me to serve an entire new population of clients and to witness their success has been extremely rewarding. At this point, I am receiving referrals from schools, previous clients and current clients who are sharing the benefits of AutPlay®, with their friends and family members.

Trina Vogel

Therapist, Cornerstone: Foundations for Families

I just completed Dr. Grant’s two day Level II AutPlay® Certification and the training experience was awesome! I have spent a good amount of time trying to find an approach to treat children and adolescents on the Autism Spectrum, but everything I found was not ideally suited for an outpatient mental health therapist working with clients for only an hour a week. I was so excited to find Dr. Grant’s site and his unique approach to ASD treatment. And the training far surpassed my expectations. I now feel able to effectively treat ASD clients and their families and can do so knowing that I am using the best approach possible.

Shannon Anderson

Owner, Tender Hearts Child Therapy Center

The AutPlay® Therapy Handbook provides clinicians with a rationale for using a play-based approach to help autistic children and presents a creative collection of therapeutic interventions to help children with emotional regulation, social skills, and relationship development. It also includes excellent assessment forms. A highly recommended resource for trained play therapists who work with children on the Autism Spectrum.

Liana Lowenstein, MSW, Certified Play Therapy Supervisor

Author of Creative Interventions for Troubled Children and Youth

The way I work with my clients with Autism has completely changed for the better due to AutPlay®. I feel more confident with the structure and my clients and their caregivers love being engaged in the therapeutic progress directly.

Grahame Williams

Play Therapist, Newcastle, Australia

Autism parents, educators, administrators and service providers are certain to find Dr. Robert Jason Grant’s AutPlay® Therapy Handbook to be not only a wonderfully informative guide to social play skill acquisitions, but also a useful resource of inventories and handy worksheets that every practitioner should have in his day to day toolbox.

Joanne Lara, MA

Founder, Autism Movement Therapy

I have found that the AutPlay® Therapy approach works well for individuals with any level of autism, and also it works well for individuals with any developmental disorders, many of which I see in my own private practice. AutPlay® has provided me (and continues to provide me) with training that continues to enrich my own practice not only as I utilize the techniques but also as I think about how productively AutPlay® could be extended for many patients through other individually structured games and/or outdoor group activities.

Dunn Jones, LPC

Written in a clear and easily accessible style, the AutPlay® Therapy Handbook walks the reader/clinician step-by-step through instituting AutPlay® in daily practice, from intake and assessment through termination. The author clearly has a heart for the Autism Spectrum population, matched only by his knowledge and understanding. Absolutely a “must have” book for anyone working with the ASD population.

Amberly Nichols

Therapist, Lincoln Therapeutic Partnership

The Autplay® Therapy Handbook is an amazing resource for experienced and novice professionals working with individuals with autism. It’s not filled with a lot of extra ‘stuff’ like a lot of other reads. It gets straight to the point of helping kiddos.

Melissa Neverls

Owner – Ready, Set, Connect Counseling

Dr. Robert Grant has created a wonderful comprehensive and informational treatment guide for practitioners and parents alike. This book is truly a step-by-step guide that will easily assist any practitioner in the assessment and treatment of individuals with Autism and Developmental Disorders. I recommend this book whole-heartedly. It is an easy read and contains many useful assessment and treatment tools.

Aline Hanrahan

Owner – Family First Counseling

After attending an AutPlay® Therapy Training, AutPlay® quickly became a resourceful go to guide for my play therapy sessions with neurotypical and autism spectrum children and adults alike. It is practical and easy to learn. Ingeniously, it encourages immediate family involvement via parental guidebook of similar exercises done at home with children for greater developmental impact. The simplicity and practicality of the therapy cultivates growth and self-development of the clients involved.

Alex Muzichuk, LPC/MFT Student

Dr. Grant has done an extraordinary job of pulling together the effective brain based research to develop play based interventions. The dimension of teaching caregivers how to utilize AutPlay® creates a proactive approach and a whole family approach to improving the function and mastery of these wonderful clients.

Denise Filley, MA, Certified Play Therapist

Director – KC Play Therapy Institute

Dr. Robert Grant has developed an amazing tool to help counselors work with children with Autism or any child who has difficulty expressing and coping with emotions, and socials skills. AutPlay® activities are easy to follow and use for any child or adolescents. The children I have used the activities with love them! They ask to do them again and again. The tools and resources are very helpful.

Sherry Dotts, MS, LPC, NCC, RPT-S

Owner – D & D Counseling

The AutPlay® process is full of good information. I like all of the AutPlay® Therapy techniques; they are compiled into something that works well for treating children with autism disorders. I’m impressed!

Barb Hylton, MS, LPC, RPT-S

Owner – CC Counseling Services

As parents, we’re always looking for new ideas and strategies to help our children have success. The Parent-Led Social Skills Groups is one of those ideas. Thank you Dr. Grant for putting this great tool into the hands of parents!

Annette Brandenburg

President – Southwest Autism Network of Missouri

Dr. Grant’s Parent-Led Social Skills Groups book is easy to read and understand, families can implement the realistic suggestions and see wonderful results. Several of the directive social skills activities can be done with variations to keep the learning fun.

Terry Faust

Founder – Supports of Children with Additional Needs