The AutPlay Therapy Advisory Board is a body that provides non-binding strategic advice to the management and operations of AutPlay Therapy. The function of the advisory board is to offer assistance with anything from marketing to influencing the direction of programs. The AutPlay Therapy Advisory Board is composed of accomplished professionals in the fields of play therapy, neurodiversity, and mental health care as well as those with lived neurodivergent experience.

AutPlay Advisory Board Members

Dr. Robert Jason Grant is a Licensed Mental Health Processional and Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor. Dr. Grant is the creator of AutPlay Therapy – developed from his own neurodivergent lived experience and over two decades of working with neurodivergent children and their families. Dr. Grant owns and operates the AutPlay Therapy Clinic located in Southwest Missouri. He is a multi-published author and international presenter. He is also a Board Member for the Association for Play Therapy.

Jacy Sherman is a mother of two autistic children. She serves as the administrator of the AutPlay Therapy Clinic located in Southwest Missouri. She is dedicated to advocating for and assisting children and families in gaining needed mental health services.

Dr. Jessica Stone is a psychologist, international speaker, sought after clinical supervisor, and renowned play therapist. She is the co-creator of The Virtual Sandtray®©, a best-selling author, and developer of Digital Play Therapy. Dr. Stone has been featured for her work throughout the virtual world as an innovator, ambassador of play, and stalwart advocate for the use of digital technology in the field of psychology.

Kyle Calderon is a Licensed Master Social Worker in NY state. He currently works at a group practice known as Footprints to Feel Better. He is Autistic himself, and obtained a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Fordham University in 2017, during which he completed his internship at YAI, providing advocacy for Autistic adults and education to the support staff. He now provides therapy for individuals of all ages and families, with a focus on Neurodiverse and Transgender individuals. He has trainings on affirming care for both populations. He is currently collecting hours for independent licensure and is on track to obtain the Registered Play Therapist credential as well.

Dr. Susan Elswick is a nationally certified CBITS, TFCBT, AutPlay, and EMDR clinician. She is endorsed in Infant Mental Health in the state of TN, is Certified as an Animal Assisted Interventionist, and is a Registered Play Therapist Supervisor (RPT-S). She is also a national trainer and supervisor for several evidence-based modalities and trauma-based interventions and has over 16 years of clinical mental health experience that includes community mental health, school-based programming, parent coaching, integrated behavioral health, and home-based services.

Carmen Jimenez-Pride is the creative mind behind Focus on Feelings® she is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Registered Play Therapist Supervisor, Certified AutPlay® Therapy Provider, Certified EMDR Therapist, and Internal Family Systems Therapist. She is an international speaker and award-winning best-selling author. She is a visionary in the therapeutic community, working to create and develop a wide range of educational tools to assist the clinician, and the client to reach optimum goals. Carmen is the developer of Diversity in Play Therapy Inc., and the Diversity in Play Therapy Summit.

Spencer Beard is currently an education professional in Missouri as well as a scorer for Essentials in Writing, an online homeschool grading service. He received his degree in Secondary Education from Missouri State University. Inspired by the autistic relatives that he had grown up with, he shares his experiences and knowledge to help ensure a future where autistic individuals can easily advocate for their rights, neurodiversity is further integrated into society, and autistic individuals can lead a fulfilling life of their own accord. 

Audrey Gregan, Dip in Froebel Ed, Dip in Special Ed, Dip Child Development, Postgraduate Dip in Play Therapy, Clinical Supervisor, Cert in Sensory Integration. She is an accredited Play Therapist and Child Psychotherapist and clinical supervisor with 42 years’ experience of working with children on the autistic spectrum, and their parents, including developmental delay and eating difficulties. Audrey is a practicing DIR®/Floortime™ practitioner who integrates sensory integration in her work, she is a Baby Bonding Licensed practitioner and AutPlay Therapist/Supervisor Provider.

Michael Smith is a current student at Ozarks Technical Community College. He has been involved in several professional pursuits and is currently enlisted in the Missouri National Guard. Among the various therapies, strategies, and other mental health techniques he has experience with include: AutPlay, exercise therapy, logotherapy, & the WHM. He hopes his own lived experiences can be used to advocate, integrate, & ultimately help autistic individuals to embrace their unique perspective.

Dr. Brenda Bradshaw is the co-founder and director of Infinity Academy. A former elementary and middle school teacher, special reading teacher, assistant professor of elementary education, author and publisher, “Dr. B” has a passion for kids, literacy and making learning engaging. She is also certified in gifted education and has had extensive training in helping children with underlying cognitive barriers to learning. She is the co-author and editor of the book, Autism—What Schools are Missing: Voices for a New Path and the award-winning book and now musical, The Alien Logs of Super Jewels.

Dr. Patricia Gilbaugh is the Executive Director of Grace C Mae Advocate Center in Iowa. She has a certificate in play therapy from Mid America Nazarene University, she is a Registered Play Therapist Supervisor, Certified Autism Specialist, and a Certified AutPlay Therapy Provider. Dr. Gilbaugh is a Mental Health First Aid Instructor and presents regularly around the country on topics related to play therapy, sensory processing challenges, and neurodevelopmental disorders.

Anastasia Phelps is an autistic speaker, artist and author. Among her many activities, she facilitates her program – Beautiful not Broken – a celebration of neuro differences. In her writings, speaking engagements, and expressive arts, she shares her perspective and experiences about being neurodivergent. She promotes and advocates for neurodiversity affirming acceptance and application changes in various systems including health care and educational settings.

Tracy Turner-Bumberry provides private practice therapy in Milledgeville, GA. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor, Certified AutPlay Therapy Provider, and Certified Autism Specialist. Tracy is a national speaker on Play Therapy and a published author on mandala techniques in Play Therapy, Play Therapy techniques to reduce emotion dysregulation, and AutPlay Therapy play and social groups.

Melanie Stinnett is a Speech and Language Pathologist. She owns and operate Theracare Outpatient Services and has worked in a variety of settings including acute/inpatient care, inpatient rehabilitation, home health care, skilled nursing facilities, and outpatient services. She is passionate about serving children and families and providing systemic advocacy and change for vulnerable populations.

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