AutPlay® Therapy was created by Dr. Robert Jason Grant. It is an integrative family play therapy framework. AutPlay is neurodiversity paradigm informed and designed to help address the mental health needs of neurodivergent children ages 3-18 (including autistic children, those with ADHD, social anxiety, sensory differences, learning differences, and developmental and physical disabilities).

AutPlay integrates psychological/counseling theory, models of play therapy, and relationship development approaches together in a collaborative protocol to assist children and adolescents toward gains in addressing mental health struggles. Parents and children are considered co-change agents in the therapy process and work as partners with the therapist.

AutPlay protocol typically follows three phases of therapy – 1) Intake and Assessment Phase, 2) Structured Play Intervention Phase, and 3) Termination Phase. Additionally, protocol involves the AutPlay Follow Me Approach (FMA), a child led (non directive based philosophy to meet engagement, connection, and relationship development needs.

AutPlay Therapy is a neurodiversity informed and affirming collaborative process designed to value the individual child and highlight their strengths as well as guide areas of intervention, goals, and approaches for addressing the needs of the child and family.

The therapeutic powers of play (core change agents) are utilized to address a variety of possible needs including emotional regulation struggles, social navigation needs, engagement/connection growth, anxiety and fear reduction, sensory challenges, executive functioning struggles, depression and self-esteem issues, trauma issues, advocacy, stigmatization, identity appreciation, the social model of disability, autonomy, inclusion needs, and parent/child relationship struggles.

To learn more about the AutPlay Therapy Certification Program and how to become a Certified AutPlay Therapy Provider, read the PDF Guide Here. To learn more about AutPlay trainings and book resources, visit the trainings and store page.

AutPlay Welcoming Statement
If you are neurotypical, Neurodivergent, any neurominority, or intersectional Neurodivergent, you are welcome here.

If you are a student, a play therapist , a child therapist, a professional who works with Neurodivergent children and families or someone pursuing these categories, you are welcome here.

If you understand the neurodiversity paradigm, don’t understand the neurodiversity paradigm, or are unsure if you understand the neurodiversity paradigm, you are welcome here.

If you understand play therapy, don’t understand play therapy, or are unsure if you understand play therapy, you are welcome here.

If you understand the therapeutic powers of play, don’t understand the therapeutic powers of play, or are unsure about the therapeutic powers of play, you are welcome here.

The AutPlay space is welcoming of all who desire to understand the neurodiversity paradigm, advocate within the neurodiversity movement, and authentically apply neurodiversity affirming principles within and through a play therapy framework. Mental health care, play therapy, processes, programs, systems, and all people are better in a neurodiversity informed and affirming world.

NOTE: The information presented on this website primarily defaults to identity first language in support of research that shows that autistic adults prefer identity first language. Mental health and other professionals should always ask clients what language they prefer and respect the clients voice and choice.

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